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Some of our initiatives  -

 free meals to the poor,

supporting institutions for Children with AIDS and Cancer Care


Roll Back Malaria.

Empowerment of women

Environmental and social issues.             Education  ​for poor children....


....fellowship and an opportunity to make a difference in the world


Y's Men International is a  fellowship of men, women and children of all faiths working together through active service to develop, encourage and provide a better world for all. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and is actively working in over 70 countries. Ys Men International has consultative status in the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

From educating the poor, to volunteering, to building homes, the Y’s Movement offers many opportunities to brighten someone’s day through the joy of giving. Our activities include providing opportunities to the underprivileged, disease eradication, harmony among communities, environmental initiatives and many more. Our outreach programs involve fellowship and fun while sharing our time and resources.  Each small act of giving generates a chain-reaction creating more and more smiles down the line, thus the theme- Pay it forward with a smile.


In India the movement has over 30000 members. To find out how you can be part of this International movement, please mail your contact details to or call 97313 02299

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YMI Logo signifies its Internationalism besides the emphasis of YMCA logo ie the essential unity of a human being – Mind, Spirit and Body. We have encompassed that Internationalism in our Logo while adding to it the symbolism of Peacock Feathers. As you all know, Peacock is the Indian National Bird and hence represent the Indian Nationalism in our Logo.

In general Peacock is a beautiful animal and represents pride, love, and luxury, or a desire to get every charming and worthy thing in life. The Peacock also indicates nobility, longevity, immortality, generosity, and compassion.

In Celtic culture Its colorful feathers represent the rays of the sun and the beginning of the new day. Also Peacock has a connection with “Hindra”, the God of rain and thunder, whose waters give a new look and life to the earth. 

Peacock in your dreams is a wonderful omen, as it foretells success & luck. In Native American culture it means self-confidence, self-esteem, dignity, refinement, knowledge, pride, and beauty. In Hinduism, Peacock remains in Lakshmi’s presence, the goddess of good compassion, fortune, and fortitude. In Christianity Peacock symbols indicate eternal life and the Resurrection because Peacock sheds its own feathers every year, and they grow back to their glory and grandeur. To summarize, our Regional Logo represent, Pride, Glory, Grandeur, Compassion, fortune, fortitude, Knowledge, Refinement, Self Confidence and Self Esteem besides the YMCA logo’s emphasis. So let us work together to proclaim these virtues through our actions in the community. 

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